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Anping Depu Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
鍍鋅勾花網,涂塑勾花網,菱形勾花網,不銹鋼勾花網      Anping Depu Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is located in the country famous with wire mesh  - 300 meters east of the village of North Haocun in Anping County, Hebei Province, 250 kilometers from BeiJing Capital Airport, 200 kilometers from Tianjin port, and superior geographical position. We have developed and expanded to have 40 types of wire mesh equipment, a medium-sized enterprise with dozens of employees from a few small factories.We mainly produce chain link fence, gabion mesh, plastic flat net with complete specifications, with R & D, design, production and sales as one.
 CHAIN LINK FENCE:Chain link fence:Galvanized chain link fence,pvc coated chain link fence, diamond chain link fence, stainless steel chain link fence, greening chain link fence, breeding chain link fence, decorative chain link fence, chain link fence net
     GABION:Gabipn:Galvanized gabion mesh , plastic cage nets, welded stone cage nets, reinforced gabion mesh, river cage nets, lead wire cage nets, Reno Mattress, sekgum.
     PLASTIC FLAT NET:Plastic flat net:Plastic flat net, plastic mesh, plastic culture net, chicken plastic net, beekeeping plastic net, flame retardant plastic flat net.
Copyright@Anping Depu Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. Add:300 metres of East of North Haocun village,anping county Tel:086-0318-8063101 Mob:086-13473820575 18732825710 Url:www.gyjwt.com
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